Oh, Hey.
Oh my gosh.

I knew it. Fuck. That’s kind of discouraging. If only I would’ve been able to go to that dance with her. We could’ve possibly been together today. Wow. That’s fucking crazy.

Stephen... you are seriously one of my role-models. We really only became good friends last year, and since then well, it has been pretty "on-again-off-again". But we both love and accept each other like friends do even though we don't hang out a lot. You are a fucking radiant light in the midst of Southeast High School, as well as when we hang out, you are a fucking stand-up, motherfucker. I love you man. I would do anything for you. Because you'd do anything for me. <3

Oh lord this makes me feel so good about myself. I’ve been kinda down about things lately, but things are getting better. I’m gaining new perspectives and I’m honestly trying my best to understand myself better an to ultimately just be happy all the time. Thank you so much Anonymous for this message. It’s nice to know I’ve touched people. I love you too whoever you are.

Stream of Consciousness

You know I’ve been looking back on everything and I have so many regrets. I should’ve done a lot of things differently. And I’m coming to terms that I’m really scared about a part of my life. I need to start doing things that make me happy and I need to stop concealing things. I also need to think things through better. I’m not good at expressing how I feel and I ruin a lot of relationships I have with people. I really need to work on myself.

hey you! hey! hey! hey you stephen! where are you going next year? taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk to me bro.

Hey. I’m going to UNL.

I feel like that kid who is just there. I hate it.


Ah shit Tumblr. It’s been a long time.
Is she blonde? Does she hab blue eyes???

Yeah she’s blonde. And hab? Haha. I think she does. I can’t really tell. Eye color is hard to determine sometimes.


Only if you tell me who you are.

is she your age?

Yeah she is my age…